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Turbos Vs Superchargers

Comparison of Turbo’s and superchargers


Choosing cam profile for fast road and track.

Lambo Doors

Lambo style doors suicide doors and gullwing door conversions.


Lowering the suspension. Ride height adjustments.

Sleepers Stagea P2

Sleepers Stagea Part 2

Best Car P2

Our look at the best coupe, classic, automatic, and Diesel cars

Your Cars Thoughts

Does your car like you

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Honda Tuning Tips and Modifications

Maximise your Honda’s driving pleasure

Honda car tuning tips and advice. We have a wide range of tuning articles covering all models of Honda from small engined family Civics to large engine hot hatches and executive cars like the Accord and Integra. Honda introduced a range of high performing and well balanced engines in the guise of the Type R and S2000.

Honda make stunning and very solid engines. They tend to rev much higher than other engines and Honda produce some of the worlds most powerful and efficient NASP engines. Their high revving nature means that it is possible to extract more power with the addition of a few choice performance parts.

The Honda engines are very well built and can tolerate much higher speeds than most other makers. The VTEC mechanism has never failed under warrantee and provides 2 states of engine.

In terms of the power per 1000cc ratio for NASP engines Honda win hands down squeezing nearly 100bhp per 1000cc on more engines across their range than any other manufacturer. The Type-R models are the perfect Hondas and provide a suitable target for your tuning project and will also provide a large amount of compatible performance spares.

Following our tuning tips you will avoid many of the common mistakes and actually achieve the perfect car setup you desire. Even the well tuned Civic Type R and Integra Type R can be optimised further and benefit from extra power. We have frequent discussions about adding a supercharger or turbo to the 1.8 and 2.0 Type R engine in our forum as owners continually strive for even more power (some people are never happy)! Please join the forum for model specific questions and answers and to meet other friendly Honda owners and see what modifications they have done.

Tuning the Honda NSX

The NSX was Hondas attempt to show the world it could challenge the likes of Ferrari with a serious supercar contender combined to with legendary Honda reliability! The NSX was tuned and setup under the watchful eye of a premier F1 racing driver ensuring you get a reliable and fun to drive Supercar.

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The Honda prelude tuning guide

Honda prelude Tuning "Tuning a legendary coupe from Honda." The Honda Prelude The Honda Prelude started off life back in 1978 there were a total of five versions until production was stopped in the 2001.  In 1988 3rd model version was released with a range of powerful 2 litre engines producing between 104 and 142 horsepower.  […]

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S2000 Tuning

Tuning the Honda S2000 turbo conversion kits.

Accord Tuning

Tuning the Honda accord for best performance.

Concerto Tuning

Tuning the Honda Concerto for more bhp power and better handling Read More...

Integra Tuning

Honda Integra tuning tips

Crx Tuning

Tuning the Honda CRX and best CRX performance parts. Read More...

Insight Tuning

Tuning the Honda Insight and best Insight performance parts. Read More...

Civic Tuning

Tuning the Honda Civic tuning tips, parts and styling. Read More...

Type R Tuning

Tuning the Honda Type R engines.