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We focus on the latest tuning trends and car modifications to bring you "how to" articles and inspirational galleries of the top class show and track cars.

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Our modified car styling articles cover all styling mods from major bodykit and respray projects to the subtle addition of electrical accessories and headlight conversions.

The tuning articles are realistic and we do not subscribe to the "if it makes more noise it must be more powerful philosophy".

You will be able to get more in depth tuning advice in our friendly chat forum which now contains our modified cars gallery and an arcade. I just wish we could serve coffee whilst you surf, but you can get coffee tips from Coffee Revolution.

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If you have not selected the right modifications you are faced with 2 possible scenarios.

1) You will have wasted your time and money for little or no effect or worse still

2) You will make your car unreliable and continually be spending money on repairs. We cannot stress highly enough the need to carefully research each and every modification in your car tuning project.

You need to bear in mind the fact that there is always a hidden cost with every modification you do.

At the very least there will be a knock on effect where increasing the power in one area highlights a weakness in another one. Torque Cars aims to present the cutting edge of car modification advice and assist our readers and forum members to make the right decisions and get the most enjoyment from their cars.

The most popular first modifications are alloy wheels, intake and exhaust and suspension so you might want to start with these pages .

Interested in getting into the custom automobile scene?

It has been around since the invention of the automobile because people have been obsessed with personalising their vehicles. In this section, we shall define customisation as a broader concept than automotive tuning, since it encompasses a larger range of aspects of the vehicle, including entertainment, gadgetry, cosmetic alterations, and performance upgrades.

Preparing your custom automobile project meticulously in advance can help you avoid losing time and money later on.

So, how do I go about customising my car? Make a plan first! You should not begin without a strategy for how you will go through the changes and customization mods you want to do.

We see far too many automobiles that have been cobbled together with pieces that are nearly completely random. The majority of people who use this strategy when customising a vehicle wind up squandering money since they have to yank things off again and replace them with another item.

Improvements to the visual appearance on demand. Body kits and skirts, wings and spoilers, vents, scoops, wheels, and engine bling are all popular additions to automobiles these days.

Interior improvements, such as various seat types, dashboard upgrades, steering wheel and pedal upgrades, are available for the vehicle's interior. Selecting the components should be done with care.

Buy on a budget and you'll wind up spending twice as much! Higher-quality components are more durable and fit more readily than lower-quality parts.

Cheap components may often not fit well and will require a certain amount of additional polishing. Performance improvements have been made.

Engine power may be increased by installing turbochargers, twinchargers, fast road cams, induction kits, sports exhausts, and remapping the computer. When you look at the tuning steps, you'll see that certain sections operate very well on their own, whilst others will almost always need further tweaks in order to work properly or to get the maximum performance gain.

Don't simply concentrate on having the automobile drive quicker; it will also need to be able to stop quickly. Increase the performance of the brakes and suspension to guarantee that the vehicle is safe to drive and that it will perform well on spirited track days.

Extensive Changes Mods and Upgrades

Some examples of these would include things like air and hydraulic suspension, stretched tyres and excessive camber, as well as Lambo door conversions and other substantial structural alterations to the vehicle.

These are normally done according to personal preference, since there are so many different custom vehicle setups available that you'll be able to pick one that suits your preferences and aesthetic.

The majority of these severe modifications will turn your automobile a show vehicle only, owing to the impracticality of driving around in such extreme modifications on a daily basis, but there are limits to how far you can push your car even with these extreme changes.

There is a possibility that some of the modifications you desire to make to your vehicle may be prohibited by local automotive construction and usage rules.

Make your own modifications and go the do-it-yourself path.

You'll be taken aback at how much you can do by following our instructions and enlisting the assistance of our online community. It typically pays to enlist the help of an experienced professional since you will get a higher-quality finish but much of the work can be done yourself, gaining you experience in the process.

In the event that you are unable to complete the installation yourself, you may always hire a body shop to do the concluding respray and final touches. This results in a high-quality finish while still keeping the cost affordable in the beginning.

When it comes to installing bespoke performance items, we highly advise that you consult with a qualified specialist.

It has come to our attention that there are many custom automobiles out there with major faults and difficulties that may be traced mostly to inexperience.

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