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Chrysler car tuning tips and advice. We have a wide range of tuning articles covering all models of Chrysler from small engined family cars to large engine hot hatches and executive cars. Following our tuning tips you will avoid many of the common mistakes and actually achieve the car setup you desire. Please join the forum for model specific questions and answers and to meet other owners and see what modifications they have done.

TorqueCars started providing Chrysler performance part pointers, car tuning and car modification suggestions and reviews back in 2003 and have grown from strength to strength with a fast growing membership of all types of cars including many, Chrysler owners. We are currently one of the fastest growing car tuning clubs around and certainly one of the friendliest.

Our Chrysler comprehensive modification articles on tuning and styling are kept up to date so for the very latest Chrysler performance part, tuning and modification advice, tips and pointers please check back regularly. We strongly recommend that you join our Chrysler forums and swap performance part ideas with like minded Chrysler owners in the performance part forums.

We would like to hear about your interesting Chrysler projects, so drop into the forum, post up a new thread and pass on your tips, we love to see member’s car pictures and have an ever growing gallery. Scroll down the page to see our latest tuning articles for your Chrysler.

5.7 Hemi Tuning

We look into 5.7 Hemi tuning and provide tips on the best upgrades. Chrysler 5.7 Hemi are popular tuning projects and with the right sports enhancements like remaps, turbo kits and camshafts you will positively enhance your driving experience.

392 Hemi Tuning

We provide a guide to 392 Hemi tuning and show the ultimate modifications for your car. Chrysler 392 Hemi make a good tuning project engine and with carefully chosen performance tuning mods like a remap, turbo kits and camshafts you will certainly improve your driving fun.

6.2 Hellcat Hemi Tuning

We review 6.2 Hellcat Hemi tuning and report on the ultimate modifications. Chrysler 6.2 Hellcat Hemi are good project engines and with carefully picked motorsport enhancements like remaps, turbo kits and camshafts you will really maximize your driving fun.

6.1 Hemi Tuning

We review and look at 6.1 Hemi tuning and outline the ultimate modifications for your car. Chrysler 6.1 Hemi are popular blocks and with the best motorsport modifications like remapping, turbo improvements and camshafts you will positively maximize your driving experience.

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