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Citroen car tuning tips and advice. Now popular cars like the VTS Saxo have become affordable there are many new tuning options open to you. We have a wide range of tuning articles covering all models of Citroen from small engined family cars to large engine hot hatches and executive cars. Even the turbo diesel models will benefit greatly from tuning and you will appreciate the increase in Torque and Power. Following our tuning tips you will avoid many of the common mistakes and actually achieve the car setup you desire. Please join the forum for model specific questions and answers and to meet other owners and see what modifications they have done.

TorqueCars started providing Citroen mod tips, car tweak suggestions and and car modification reviews and help from way back in 2003 and have grown from strength to strength with a fast growing membership of all types of cars including many, Citroen owners. We are currently one of the fastest growing car tuning clubs around and certainly one of the friendliest. In 2007 we also organised our first full car show.

Our Citroen tuning features with performance tips and information on peformance parts for your car get updated so for the hottest Citroen mod,tweak suggestions and and modification advice, tips and pointers please check back regularly. We strongly recommend that you join our Citroen forums and swap mod ideas with like minded Citroen owners in the mod forums.

If you have a Citroen project underway we would love to hear about it, the Gallery section in the forum contains some interesting projects. Scroll down the page to see our latest tuning articles for your Citroen.

C1 Tuning

Citroen C1 Tuning “Thank you for reading my Citroen C1 tuning guide.” There were initially just 2 engine options but […]

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C4 Tuning

Citroen C4 Tuning “Thanks for reading my Citroen C4 tuning article.” A great little car from Citroen, the C4 has […]

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C5 Tuning

Citroen C5 Tuning “Thanks for reading our Citroen C5 tuning tips.” The C5 is one of those cars we are […]

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DS5 Tuning

Citroen DS5 Tuning “Tuning guide to the most effective Citroen DS5 modifications.” All DS5 engines respond well to tuning and […]

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