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Get our tuning tips for Honda’s flagship range, the Acura. From family cars to executive saloons you have a range of cars that respond well to tuning. Turn your Acura into a track day race car or just convert it for fast street use.

TorqueCars originally started in 2003 and have established themselves as the go to place for car tuning and modification know how. We are currently one of the fastest growing established car tuning clubs around and certainly rate as one of the friendliest.

Our Acura tuning features provide cutting edge car performance tips and information on performance parts. We also recommend that you join our Acura forums for more in depth model specific tips and advice.

We love to hear about our readers Acura projects and conversions, so drop into the forum, post up a new thread and pass on your tips and experiences. We love to see members car pictures and have an ever growing gallery. Scroll down the page to see our latest tuning articles for your Acura.

ZDX Tuning

Acura ZDX Tuning “Tuning guide to the best Acura ZDX modifications.” Let’s review ZDX tuning and summarise the ultimate modifications […]

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ILX Tuning

ILX Tuning “Thanks for reading this Acura ILX tuning guide.” The ILX was a luxury compact car released in 2012, […]

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TLX Tuning

Acura TLX Tuning “Thank you for reading this Acura TLX tuning tip guide.” The TLX engines offered were, depending on […]

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RLX Tuning

Acura RLX Tuning “Tuning guide to the best Acura RLX modifications.” The RLX originally shipped with a 310bhp  3.5 L […]

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Todays featured car tuning "how to..." article

MrB Nissan Skyline R33 Tuning project

We thought it would get interesting when MrB joined TorqueCars. He told us about his latest project car a humble Nissan Skyline R33 GTSt RB30/25.

As will become apparent MrB joins the ranks of TorqueCars members with GTitus, an inability to separate GranTurismo from real life with the symptoms including spending all of his money on his car and frequent trips to the specialist tuners and test tracks.


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