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overfilling oil

Find out the problems caused by too much engine oil, the damage it does, and how to reduce the oil level in your vehicle. We look at the damage caused and how this happens and how to fix it.

Guide to driving in France.

Driving in France is fairly hassle free, most of the laws and road signs are the same as the UK. Another great thing is the roads are generally well maintained and empty compared to UK roads. My wife found driving on French motorways less stressful than UK motorways even though she had never driven abroad before.

Compulsory paperwork and equipment needed for driving in France…..

Top 10 ways to kill a car?

We highlight the 10 worst habits we all pick up that will come back to bite us in the form of a damaged car or ruined engine.

Sadly though few drivers are sympathetic to, or fully understand the way their car works. A little knowledge will keep your relationship with your car running smoothly!

Save money on the costs of running a car.

We will look at some ways you can make some serious monthly savings by reducing your monthly car running costs. Reduce your motoring expenses and save a fortune on the costs of running a car with our top motoring money saving tips.

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