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Read TorqueCars hottest fuel saving tips:

Don't accelerate all the way up to a junction, ease off the throttle allowing the car to roll up to the junction under it's momentum. Some drivers even coast towards junctions but this seems dubious and not strictly legal in many places!

Drive with a maximum of a third to half throttle - if you get the revs right you will not notice much of a loss of power, but you will save a lot of fuel.

Avoid needlessly braking and stopping (2 of the biggest fuel wasters) - anticipate the road ahead keep your car rolling along as much as is practicably possible (If you're good you can avoid using your brakes on a typical journey!!!)

If its hot open the window rather than turn on the air conditioning, if it's really hot open another window and turn the blowers on, if your steering wheel starts melting then turn on the air conditioning. (At speeds over 30mph there is an argument for using the air conditioning to counter the drag from an open window!)

Avoid using things that drain the battery - because extra pull occurs on the Alternator requiring more fuel (aircon is very noticeable). The big drains are rear window heater, blowers & heaters, headlights.

Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure. (Fully laden pressures or just under seems to give the best MPG but more pressure can increase the mid tyre wear if it's too extreme so don't over do it.) Check your pressures monthly or more frequently - if you calculate your MPG and it is lower then your tyre pressures are usually to blame.

Try to maintain a constant speed - 75 mph uses far more fuel that 65 mph. A distance of 50 miles at 75 mph takes 39.6mins but at 65 it takes 46.2 mins So is 6.6 minutes of your time, the increased risk of being killed, the extra damage to the environment and the extra wear on the engine really worth the extra 25% fuel cost!

Hotter engines are more economical than colder ones - changing the thermostatic control or partially blocking the radiator MAY help on SOME cars. (Run the engine too hot and you will break it - you have been warned.) Use TorqueCars MPG tuning articles for some practical tuning tips to improve your cars MPG.

Empty the boot of tools you've use and haven't got round to taking out, the camping equipment from last year, and the box of junk you have kicking around - less weight = more fuel economy so if you went on a diet that would help as well.

Keep the car well serviced - change the plugs, oil, filters and check the bearings and ensure that the brakes are not dragging. Fully disengage the hand brake as well when you drive off!

Avoid idling the engine for long periods of time - turn it off at railway crossings etc...

Take off the roof rack as the drag this creates really does increase your fuel consumption.

Put some injector cleaning like redex in - it really does help keep things at peak efficiency and in my car added 2 mpg!

Fuel magnets did not work for me I wouldn't bother with them!!!

Don't be lazy. Walk to the corner shop - it's only 3 minutes away.

Use this MPG calculator again - it will remember your last 4 results to enable you to track your success!

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