Matt black vinyl on the SSC aero.

"If Batman went out to buy a day to day car, this would be the one he'd choose"

The SSC Aero attained the title of fastest production car in the world. It was built by Shelby Super Cars who rebranded to SSC North America.

In 2004 the first SSC prototype was made and over the years it has had some updates, revisions and special versions. 


Projects like this inspire tuners and car customisers around the world.

To regain the worlds fastest production car title SSC did what any tuner would, they added loads more power!

The original spec of the first SSC aero... 

  • Engine - Corvette C5R
  • Horsepower - 780 bhp @ 6600 rpm
  • Torque - 860 Nm @ 5800 rpm
  • Max Speed - 236 mph/ 380 kmh

The battle for the worlds fastest production car was on. The SSC Aero raised the bar in 2007 when it first obtained the title. When the Veyron supersport came out in 2010 it took the title from the Aero but SSC were determined to win the title back.

So they did what any self respecting tuner would do, they added more power!

By the end of it's production run the Ultimate aero XT was released which boasted

  • Engine - SSC proprietary Billet Aluminum 423.6 cubic-inch / 6.94 litre Twin-Turbo V8
  • Horsepower - 1,287 bhp @ 6800 rpm
  • Torque - 1,361 Nm @ 6800 rpm
  • Max Speed - 275 mph /443kmh

‚ÄčInterestingly making a car this fast stop presented a problem, so the AeroBrake system was born, allowing the car to raise the rear spoiler angle to provide more drag.

We tracked this car down thanks to the London Motor Museum and it looks absolutely stunning in it's matt black vinyl wrap.

We could see Batman driving a car like this on the streets of Gotham.

It looks much like a stealth bomber which rasies the interesting question of whether a Police radar speed detector would work on it.

I guess we'll never find out but if someone wants to lend us an SSC Aero and policeman and give us unlimited use of a track I'm sure we could settle that question for good!

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