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EVO 6 Tommi Makinen No 2

"Ian's Mitsubishi Evo VI"

Ian's Mitsubish Evo VI

EVO 6 Tommi Makinen No 2 with Autronics & antilag

The standard Evo setup wasn't quite right so Ian set about improving it the current spec of his Evo is:-
HKS racing suction kit ,
Blitz exhaust , downpipe & decat
Uprated fuel pump , fuel pressure regulator ,
Arp conrod bolts
Cusco heat shield ,exedy clutch
Forge dump valve
Sabelt harnesses ,
fidanza flywheel

One important thing to remember when getting more speed from your ride is being able to stop:-

Mintex grooved discs back & front
& new carbotech pads all round

What is the best modification you have done?
Autronics has to be the best ,cost £2000 is the down side lol
Did you feel you wasted your money on any modifications? if so which ones? none are a waste of money
What is your hariest moment in the car?
my last evo spun on ice ended up facing the opposite way my mates could not belive it & not a mark on the car ?
What is the best thing about owning your car?
thrill factor & antilag wonderfull pops & bangs
What are the next mods you are planning?
Thats it for this year just spent £2500 in one month

Ian is a Torquecars forum member and supporter - chat with him in more detail about his car in the chat forum.

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