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Unbiased advice for Car modifiers We do not subscribe to the “if it makes more noise it must be faster philosophy” neither do we believe all the claims made by performance car part makers! It is possible to blow huge amounts of money on car tuning and ending up ruining the car creating a noisy fuel drinking car that is a nightmare to drive in traffic and is unreliable.

This car tuning guide is intended to assist you in deciding which mods to do and gives a realistic opinion of what the car will end up like. We will also endeavour to highlight the pitfalls to avoid and common mistakes car tuners make.

Track cars are rebuilt each time they are raced and they are set up for optimum conditions on the flat surface of the track – we have to tune our cars to work for a year without a service, run over potholes and speed bumps and cope with a variety of weather conditions and loads along with varying fuel quality. So we need to target the practical tuning mods that will cope with everyday driving but help you to get the maximum enjoyment from it.

Remapping the ECU – remaps benefits and issues

Back in the good old days – the task of timing the ignition spark was performed by the distributor. The greater the RPM, the more the timing would advance.

This did a reasonable job but for the most effective power you would need to vary the timing to a greater degree than a fixed ratio advance curve. The electronic ignition system was borne.

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Turbo tuning – Aftermarket OEM turbos upgrade kit.

When it comes to Turbo tuning you have pretty much unlimited potential and a wide selection of options.

The more power you want from a turbo the greater the amount of heat it will generate and the bigger the stress on the internal components.

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Panel air filters

A look at high flow panel air filters for your cars airbox and look at the power gains and benefits of fitting a performance panel filter to your engine.

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Converting to a RWD

Font to real wheel drive conversions. “How to convert your FWD car into a RWD.” The first question is why […]

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