Through this site we aim to give a broad yet detailed look at the VW scene in its many respects. Both the hardcore VW enthusiast and the beginner will find articles of interest.
Whilst focusing on Classic VW's (Beetles, Campers, Ghias, Squarebacks, Fastbacks etc) we will cover anything deserving of an article that is VW related. If you'd like to have your car featured, put up for sale, or your local club mentioned, please use the forum .

VW Beetles and Bajas:

As any Beetle enthusiast is aware, the bug scene is extremely wide and varied. In this site you will find definitions of the different looks, i.e.: Cal look, Euro look, German look, Baja and so on. There will also be extensive features of your own cars, but there is a standard that will be adhered to! Not anything will be featured (if you have a pile of rust, we will however put a pic of it in our Volkswagen photo gallery if you wish !! ). We will be covering classic VW Beetles that are undergoing restoration, including restoration photos and info. This will also encompass modifying and tuning your VW beetle.

Camper Vans and Ghias:

For good accurate information about VW camper vans and Karmann Ghias, you could do not better than looking right here. There are articles and photos of the different models of campers, i.e. the Bay window camper, the split screen, the samba etc ... and we will be producing features on some top spec camper vans. The same applies to Ghias. These are less known, but a truly gorgeous looking car. Check out our car features for some seriously modified VW Ghias, and a very special race tuned Ghia.

VW Buggies:

Right now, the Buggy scene is growing at an alarming rate, & we don't intend to miss a second of it! Rail, sand, street buggies all have their place on this site. Again, we have some stunning features of some jazzed up VW buggy's, and if you want us to feature your baby, then please use the forum.


All other things VW:

If Clasic VW Golf's, Jettas, Sciroccos etc rock your boat, then don't leave!!! If you'd like to have your V dub featured then drop us an email. As long as its remotely VW related (we'd even accept Porsches!) then we'd be glad to house it. If you have been to a VW event and want to share your photos, then again we'd be pleased to put them on our site.