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Does your car like you

Use our simple questionnaire to find out if your car likes you. You’ll learn more about your car and what it really needs from you.

Top 10 ways to kill a car?

We highlight the 10 worst habits we all pick up that will come back to bite us in the form of a damaged car or ruined engine.

Sadly though few drivers are sympathetic to, or fully understand the way their car works. A little knowledge will keep your relationship with your car running smoothly!

Calculator 1/4 mile time from weight and bhp

Find out your approximate quarter mile time from weight and hp. Please note that this calculator is a bit of fun and due to it’s simplicity it cannot be more than 95% accurate for every make and model.

A more accurate simulator would take into account the age of a car, windspeed, gearing, air temperature and a host of other parameters.

Calculate power gains on a Turbo engine

Please note that this calculator should be considered a fun tool and cannot be more than 80% accurate for every make and model.

It cannot take into account the age of a car and is representative of a typical turbo charged car with popular modifications.

Please watch this video on our new YouTube channel.

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