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Stunning sprayed art on car body panels

If you have access to to right tools you can accomplish so much when it comes to painting cars. With some imagination and a lot of talent you could end up driving a stunning work of art like these.

These cars were painted by Geoff Sims, a very talented artist based near Maidstone in Kent, you will often see his work cropping up on show cars around the country.

debadging cars – taking the badges off a car

De badging a car – creating a sleeper look. "Dont flash your badge in here!"  One very simple modification that […]

Total vehicle wraps and applying vinyl wrap to your car.

Vehicle wrapping has been around for a long time. Initially wraps were applied to commercial vehicles as this was easier than getting custom artwork sprayed on and it enabled fleet owners to have identical branding on each of the vehicles.

Vinyl wraps on cars are gaining popularity and we are seeing some very innovative and original designs.

Car stickers – vinyl printed stickers.

Stickers can give the quickest and cheapest transformation to your car. Performance part makers names and logos are popular as are sponsor style logos to give a ‘rally look’ NB:

If you are making the stickers up yourself always get permission of the copyright or trademark holder first!

Different colour vinyl stickers are now available and can create a car length splat or swish look. Complete custom wrap stickers are available to completely transform the appearance of a car or van.

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