Headlight Conversion kits. HID, LED conversion kits.

All cars have headlights. One of the most distinctive features of a car is usually the shape of the headlight.

Many people complain that their headlights are boring and not bright enough but seem content to put up with it and spend money elsewhere on the car.

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How to fit under car neon light kits. Fitting neon tube glow light

Neon lights come in all manner of colours and styles, including flashing and colour changing neons, pulsing neons, strobes and should be considered a show item only.

Most countries traffic laws require due consideration to other road users and neons are classed as a distraction rather than a safety enhancement. So check the local legislation that applys before you decide to drive around with neon lights showing. In some countries Blue is reserved for emergency vehicles and red can only show to the rear of the car.

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Tips on brake caliper painting.

Brake Caliper painting "Super Caliper Phatuilistic Colour's Not Atrocious" Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati all have one thing in common, coloured […]

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Carbon fibre bonnets and body panels.

One of the hottest looks actually improves the performance of your car. Carbon fibre body panels are becoming popular. Carbon fibre is a weave of carbon fibres to construct a flexible but light and very strong material that is stronger than steel.

Carbon fibre is now a very expensive product due to the demand. Many companies are now offering budget carbon fibre panel and carbon fibre bonnets.

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Todays featured car tuning "how to..." article

Sleepers Nissan Stagea tuning project

Sleeper in nothing but name. "Sleeper's Stagea Part 1" This is the Clark Kent of the car world. It looks […]


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