Problems with my Rover 220 GTi

"My Rover rant"

Problems with my Rover 220 GTi 

Recent problems

The standard brakes are pretty pathetic (especially for a car like this) but dropping the standard pads for EBC Greenstuff pads really transformed the braking. The brake hosess have been upgraded to braided hoses and I'm using a sythetic brake fluid. These babys do not fade when they they get hot.

The rear wiper kept freezing on its return so a new motor was fitted curing this problem. A small rattle from the fuse box cover was sorted by fixing some insulation tape to the lid. 2 years on the wiper has given up again!! There is a leak into the boot which I can't track down - any suggestions? There are also a number of small annoying oil leaks which stay fixed for short periods of time.

This was my most unreliable but also my most fun car . I could pass most things except for the local Garage!

A loud rattle in engine when its warm on light and heavy acceleration between 2500 and 3000 rpm it sounds serious enough to warrant not wasting money getting it fixed - a trip to the scrappy should produce a suitable donor engine although I haven't noticed a performance drop off! Replacement engine dropped in.

200 miles later - ahhggh threw a con rod through the sump and through the downpipe - engine destroyed - try again! It was very impressive when it happened a loud bang complete loss of power to the engine the oil trickled onto and into the exhaust causing a terric plume of white smoke to follow me to a halt! The MEMS needed a reset and I was told by my mechanic that when the oil pressure drops the MEMS shuts down the engine - it's a shame it didn't work out that the conrod was about to go walk-about and shut down the engine for me as it would have cost a lot less to fix.

These engines seem pretty pathetic but I've spend a lot of money already so I don't really want to give up on the car. The scrap yard that sold me the engine are sending me a replacement unit. The new engine is going to be fully rebuilt - I'm not taking any chances this time.

The gearbox drive shaft (the bit that goes into the clutch) was wobbling as it rotated so I went for a rebuilt gearbox with a lower 1st to 3rd gear ratios and higher ratios for 4th and 5th for economy. This box was built for a turbo and has a limited slip diff which really makes a difference in the wet. The ratios match the engine better than the original box and overtaking in 2nd and 3rd gears is fantastic.

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