Review of car news during 2006

  News review of 2006 "Hot Stories from 2006" Fuel prices were at a 2 year low, but following an […]

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Dangers and problems with some remap services

Advertorial feature
Are you looking for Petrol vehicle remapping?
Are you looking for Turbo Diesel remapping?

SR Performance specialise in performance remapping via OBD port and fitment of ECU chips where OBD is unavailable. Are you aware that the engine fitted to your car has had its intended response and power output intentionally restricted by its manufacturer?

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Review of 2005

Hottest cars and news stories from 2005 "A review of 2005" Car News Features, Despite the fast rising cost of […]

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Car News highlights from 2004

Great cars and great modifications. 2004 is the year that modding cars got off the ground in good old blighty. The wildest mod of the moment is Lambo style doors now available for every car imaginable the most popular mod at the moment is Lexus style rear lights but we think that these will be rather passé next year and may see a smoked lens revival or the fitment of LCD black out shutters over the lights.

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Todays featured car tuning "how to..." article

Sleepers Stagea Part 2

This is part 2 of the Sleepers Stagea build. If you thought the previous spec was impressive then we are sure you will be equally impressed by the totally reworked Stagea here.

After a lot of work and effort sourcing an impressive Stagea and doing it up, the engine sadly went pop! This is a common story among tuners and shows that you shouldn’t ever cut corners.


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