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The Veloster is a good tuning project to execute. Sit down first and research Veloster tuning to spare yourself making the usual disastrous errors we typically see.

We review Veloster tuning and report on the optimum modifications. Hyundai Velosters are good project cars and with the optimum sports parts you can substantially maximise your driving pleasure.

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Top end power should be your overall aim on the Veloster with a nice fat peak torque band.

Spending justa little bit of money on the top engine and handling mods could transform your car into a high performance car.

The best power gains come from larger engine sizes. The more you start with the bigger the return on investment so engine swaps are good value mods for small engined cars.

Tuning modifications.

These mods upgrades are usually carried out by our members, decide how far you want to go before you get started.

Getting the best sports upgrade kits for your planned usage of the car is essential. Stage 3 (competition) mods just don't work well on the road hard to control in slow traffic.

Stage 1 modifications: Panel air filter, Sports exhaust, Remap, Suspension upgrade (drop 30-40mm), Alloy wheels, Lighter flywheel.

Stage 2 modifications: fuel pump upgrades, Fast road cam, Power/Sport clutch, Ported and polished head, high flow fuel injector.

Stage 3 modifications: Engine balancing, Internal engine upgrades (pistons/head/valves), Sports gearbox, Competition cam, Adding or upgrading forced induction (turbo/supercharger).

  •  1.6 L Gamma G4FC i4 (gasoline)
  • 1.6 L Gamma G4FD GDI i4 (gasoline)
  • 1.6 L Gamma G4FJ turbo GDI i4 (gasoline)

Second generation engines

  • 1.4 L Kappa turbo GDI i4 140PS (gasoline)
  • 1.6 L Gamma G4FJ turbo GDI i4 204PS (gasoline)
  • 2.0 L Nu MPi 2.0L i4 149PS (gasoline)
  • 2.0 L Theta 2.0T GDI turbo turbo GDI i4 250PS/275PS (gasoline)

Engine power ranges from 147hp to 271 hp and the 2.0 Theta TGDi engine is a fantastic power plant and great choice for the Hyundai chassis.

Peak power is good on competition cars but for a drivable and fun car you need a long power band and perhaps extending the rev range.

The point of our tips is to give a little insight into the world of tuning mods and point you in the right direction, our forum is where you can ask for more detailed advice and tips on your tuning project, the best performance mods and all aspects of modding cars.Fast road cams offer one of the biggest bhp gains for your money as far as a single motorsport mods goes on a NASP engine.

The intake and exhaust durations play a large part in your cars power band, but be careful here, getting this wrong can upset the idle and make the car hard to drive in traffic. You'd need to follow a cam upgrade with other mods and finish with a remap to fully release the power gain.

Don't forget to ramp up the fuelling when you are increasing the power - it makes the car more thirsty.

If you find you experience flat spots and power surges after your sports modifications you should check the fuelling and try a higher octane fuel as well. Improved injectors will enable you to supply sufficient fuel to the engine.

Uprate the fuel pump to cope with the extra fuel requirements of your tuned Velosters uprated injectors.

Intake and Exhaust Tuning.

Now we move on to the intake and exhaust and ensure proper flow through the engine. Air induction kits are only beneficial to add performance if your air intake is struggling! Adding an induction kit to most low power engines will see ZERO LOW END POWER GAIN AT ALL. If you have heavily modified your engine and it's need for air INCREASES DRAMATICALLY then an induction kit is the answer and will help remove this restriction.

Derestricting the air feed into the engine is the primary part of performance tuning so get a freer flowing air filter if you find that the car is running lean. Induction kits can sound sporty but due to the warm air in the engine bay they will not add noticeable power and often rob you of power on most cars.

Sports exhausts can usually air flow from the engine but avoid an exhaust that is too big or you may end up will reduce the flow rate. Stick to 1.5 to 2.5 inches as a rule of thumb.

Airflow through the head can be dramatically increased with some professional head porting and polishing. These should match and be setup to take into account any other engine mods. A good heavy duty fast road sports clutch will help to keep that power going where it should. Never cut corners or ask the standard clutch to cope. The best mods that we recommend for your Veloster are a remap especially on a turbo, a fast road camshaft and sports exhaust, with a good air intake.

Turbo engines are just asking to be Reprogrammed. You will see large power gains on most modern turbocharged cars including diesels making a remap one of the most cost effective and large modifications for your money.

We've also seen some tuners experimenting with twincharged applications and making some very high power hikes.

The most impressive power gains for NASP engines usually involve the addition of forced induction. It is often easier to bolt on a supercharger than it is to bolt on a turbo. With a turbo the boost curve is related exponentially to the engine speed making it harder to map.

Superchargers, however will give a boost which is directly proportional to engine speed so is easier to map. Decreasing the engines compression ratio will allow you to add forced induction, water injection may also help prevent detonation.

Handling/Suspension upgrades

Handling modifications are high on most peoples lists for the Veloster.

Good suspension tweaks that often enhance handling for the Veloster include a couple of degrees negative camber and 1-1.5 degrees of toe out on the front wheels.

We would go to a maximum drop of 28mm - 39 mm on most models. You risk grounding out if you go lower than this.

Alloy wheel upgrades.

Alloy wheels will help the brakes cool down and are usually lighter than steel ones. Don't forget that your choice of rubber greatly affects your cars grip and handling. It is not worth compromising performance with cheap tyres when you can buy directional tread pattern performance tyres.The downside to large rims on your Veloster is that you're altering your effective final drive ratio and this will have a detrimental effect on acceleration.

Although some people have with bigger wheels without problems we would restrict ourselves to a 18 inch rim size as the maximum.

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