DPF Cleaners, CAT Cleaners & Fuel Additives

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What Do DPF Cleaners Do & How Do They Work?

For knowing what DPF cleaners do, let’s first take a look at DPFs.

A DPF or the diesel particulate filter as the name gives away is a filter that captures the toxic gases and soot produced by the engine.

The DPF filter gets filled with time and although the vehicle automatically cleans it up by heating to nearly 600 degrees, at times it gets choked and needs cleaning.

This is where the need for DPF cleaners arises as these cleaners lower the temperature required for burning these gases to around 400 degrees and thus clean up the DPF from the inside.

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Benefits Of Using A DPF Cleaner

Here are some of the key benefits derived from using a DPF cleaner:

  • Reduced vehicle emissions;
  • Improved fuel average;
  • Enhanced life of the diesel particulate filter.

Which Are The Best DPF Cleaner Brands?

Some of the best DPF cleaner brands available in the market include:

  1. BG;
  2. Wynn’s DPF Cleaner;
  3. Forte DPF Cleaner & Regenerator;
  4. K2;
  5. Mannol.

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How Hard Is It To Use A DPF Cleaner?

The use of a DPF cleaner is extremely simple and thus I would rate it as a 1 out of 10 process in terms of difficulty (10 being the most difficult)

Why Choose A High-Quality DPF Cleaner?

A DPF can cost a considerable amount of money and thus for increasing its life, a high-quality DPF cleaner is a must.

DPF cleaners are great because they eliminate the need to remove the DPF and then clean it by hand, which is not only difficult to do on its own but also adds labour cost.

The DPF cleaners thus save money by offering an effective mechanism for cleaning the filter.

What To Look For When Buying DPF Cleaners?

Because DPF cleaners are designed to remove soot and sediments, the first thing you should look for is a reputable brand.

In addition to this, you must only use a DPF cleaner that is suitable for use for your vehicle’s type.

Several DPF cleaners work well not just for gasoline and diesel engine vehicles but also hybrid variants.

What Do CAT Cleaners Do?

A catalytic converter is an integral part of an internal combustion engine vehicle which prevents harmful gases from leaving the vehicle’s exhaust.

The catalytic converter employs special catalysts that react with the harmful gases, converting them into less toxic gases that are then released into the environment.

However, as this process continues for a long time, the catalytic converter becomes clogged with pollutants, causing it to malfunction.

A Cat cleaner is a specially formulated mixture that acts as an effective mechanism for returning the Cat converter to its original state.

This is important because if the Cat converter is clogged, it will affect the vehicle’s performance and even cause problems for the car during idling.

Cat cleaners remove deposits and contamination from the intake and throttle valve areas as well as the combustion chamber and catalytic system.

Why Is Using A High-Quality Cat Cleaner Important?

It is vital to go for a high-quality Cat cleaner because in case the low-quality one doesn’t work well, your catalytic converter, which is an expensive part, will need to be replaced.

High-quality catalytic cleaners also aid you in passing the emissions tests and increase the fuel average of your vehicle.

How Hard Is It To Use A Cat Cleaner?

Using Cat cleaners is a fairly easy process but the operant must be careful that the Cat cleaner solution must not be added to the engine through the vacuum hoses as the deposited Manganese Oxide present in this solution cannot be removed afterwards can thus affect the engine performance.

Thus I rate it as a 3 out of 10 process in terms of difficulty (10 being the maximum).

Which Are Good Cat Cleaner Brands?

There are tens of Cat cleaner brands available in the market however not all of them perform well. Here are the best Cat cleaner brands:

  1. BG;
  2. Liqui Moly;
  3. Dura Lube;
  4. Cataclean;
  5. Hi-Gear
  6. CRC Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula.

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What Do Fuel Additives Do?

Fuel additives are subdivided into three main categories depending upon what they do. These types are:

  • Fuel Performance Enhancers;
  • Fuel System Cleaners;
  • Fuel Injection Cleaners;
  • Fuel Savers;
  • Fuel Stabilizers.

While performance enhancer fuel additives, as the name gives away, add to the performance figures when a vehicle is operational, the fuel saver additive claims to save the fuel of your cars by lowering the fuel consumption.

Other types that make the bold claim of cleaning the respective parts are fuel injection cleaners and fuel system cleaners. Because these vehicle parts are fairly expensive, and they must be cleaned as part of the normal operation of the car, the demand for such fuel additives is fairly high.

Fuel stabilizers are another type of fuel additive that is added to keep the fuel in usable condition when the car will not be used for an extended period of time.

Which Are The Best Brands For Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives are manufactured by a wide array of companies. However, the following are the best in terms of their performance:

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Why Is It Important To Get High-Quality Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives play a vital role in the overall cleaning of the engine and they also play a pivotal role in adding to the performance of a vehicle. This is why it is important not to settle on low-quality fuel additives.

BG Fuel Products

BG deserves special mention here because the company produces outstanding results and has a plethora of testimonials to back up their claims, putting it far ahead of its competitors.

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