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General Power Performance Parts tips:

How to improve air induction
How to maximise combustion

How to increase the exhaust rate
The importance of oil

Lightening the flywheel

Stopping the car!
Nitrous injection
Clutch Systems
Fuel & Additives
Tyres - choosing the best rubber
Choosing the best wheels
Gearbox ratio selection
Internal engine mods

Turbos & Superchargers

Your Peugeot Performance Parts tips below:

Tip Submitted by Richard Raynor Tip: is great place for bargain spares and even complete engines / gearboxes
Extreme auto acessories also have some great value performance & styling Performance Parts. Question: I've added a sports exhaust and Air filter what should I do next to boost the power without spending too much money?
Answer: Fit a fuel pressure boost valve - about £100 for more top end power and driveability with a faster throttle response or go for fast road profile cams £200 + Fitting .

Question: Im just wondering if it is possible for me to fit a turbo and a superchip on my car (peugeot 306 gti-6). If it is possible what will be the cost and the approx result on power. Thank you very much. Answer:I don't think a superchip & turbo would work together - the ecu needs special setting up for the turbos air intake rate - we have an approx bhp calculator in Performance Parts section this will give you a rough idea.Check out also
Question: I have a peugeot 406 2.0 turbo and want to uprate the turbo what would be the best for my car? Also i am going to chip and put high lift cams and a filter do i need to uprate the exhaust? Does a dump valve make a difference. Answer: There are a number of turbo conversions available it depends on what you want to accomplish - a drivable street car or a pure track car that does 10mpg. Bigger exhausts are always better but will reduce the torque. Dump valves regulate the blow off pressure and make a really cool sound - get one there not deer and sound fantastic.
Question: Will I really see much difference in my performance of my 306 gti-6 if i fit one of these?have you got any other recommendations exluding air filter.
Answer: In short there is not a big power gain but the driveability of the car is improved - the throttle response is sharper and there is more power at higher revs as the fuel air mix is richer.
Question: Can you change the turbo on a hdi with a turbine with variable geometry?

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