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waste gate actuator ajustment

Discussion in 'Superchargers and Turbos' started by jasonada, 11 November 2016.

  1. jasonada

    jasonada New member

    peugeot 206 1.4 hdi
    hi all I'm a newbie to turbo tuning I've been told if you alter the length of the actuator arm it increases the the boost. Is there any truth to this or is a remap better for tuning ? Thanks my car it a diesel
  2. Froggy

    Froggy Newbie

    South east
    Mini cooper sd
    Your better off remapping, you can adjust rod length BUT it will only up boost pressure slightly then ECU will shut boost down ( limp mode ) get it remapped or you could try a tuning box. Have fun
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  3. obi_waynne

    obi_waynne Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Deal, Kent UK
    A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
    This is the mod we used to do back in the day before fuel injection. As long as there is enough fuel to match the extra air and you don't exceed what the car ecu feels is safe you should be ok.

    Most ECU's will enter a limp home mode if the boost goes too high.

    TCJBOLDIE Torque King

    JB Starion
    Generally tightening the wastegate actuator rod will keep the gate flap closed a bit longer allowing the turbo to rev faster thereby increasing pressure higher than before HOWEVER this can lead to damaging the engine.

    Basically more air being crammed into the cylinders without the corresponding increase in fuel supply to keep the Air Fuel Ratios safe can lead to detonation resulting in a hole in the piston or damaged ring lands.

    My experience is with modding a gas powered car and not diesel powered BUT I would tread carefully as diesels are more expensive to repair when things go bang.
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