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PLEASE HELP !! 1.2 sxi 16v...not sure where to start ?

Discussion in 'Corsa' started by mikeybutch, 4 May 2011.

  1. mikeybutch

    mikeybutch Full member

    england northampton
    Corsa 1.2 sxi 2001
    :amazed:HI !!.. iv just got a 1.2 sxi 16v ... and i love it , but its 100% original.. so if anyone has an suggestions where to start (engine mods , performance tips , it's all welcome) this is my first post, if there's anyone who's been where i am now and you've any advice or help, i really would be very greatful for it :p ... THANKS ,,MIKEY,,
  2. turbonutter69

    turbonutter69 TC ModFather Moderator

    Alone in the dark.
    Insignia SRI.
    Hello and Welcome to TorqueCars.:bigsmile:
    Hope you enjoy your time with us.
  3. Big Fat Fatty

    Big Fat Fatty The Torque Meister

    Dorset UK
    Accord VTEC Sport
    Hey and welcome to TC,

    The good news is, we have all been where you are now, we all had to start somewhere and I also had a lowly carb fed 1.2 Nova at the beginning. I would suggest leaving the engine in place and not really touching it for the time being, I'm assuming this is your first car (correct me if I'm wrong) so doing anything engine wise will kill you on the insurance as will most mods. If you plan on keeping the car for a long time then I would sort the brakes, suspension and stiffen up the chassis ready for an engine swap when you can allow for one, the 2.0ltr 'redtop' XE is a popular conversion into Corsas and Novas and they sound amazing on throttle bodies. If instead you want a quicker car that isn't a Vauxhall, leave it as it is and save your hard earned for something you really want and is quick enough in standard trim in the future.
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  4. T9 man

    T9 man TC Pro Founder Moderator

    London, UK
    Saab 9-3SS T9
    Greetings and Welcome! ;)
  5. pgarner

    pgarner TC ModFather Moderator

    Lockerbie, SW Scotland
    Octy smoke machine
    Hello and welcome to the site again mate
  6. Prince

    Prince Torque King

    Northampton, England
    BMW E36 318is Coupe
    A fellow Northamptonion! Welcome mate!
  7. obi_waynne

    obi_waynne Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Deal, Kent UK
    A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
    Hi there, I hope you are well. May I wish you a warm welcome to TorqueCars, it is a pleasure to meet you.

    You'll find us a pretty friendly bunch and I'm sure you'll start to love and enjoy the forums as much as we all do. (It gets quite addictive at times.)

    Feel free to get involved in our other threads, all opinions are welcome and as they say "the more the merrier"! (It's also great when people start new threads and discussions and all adds to the great debate.)

    As to modifying a 1.2 engine I have to give the sensible advice that you won't want to hear. Don't bother. You just be wasting a lot of money for very little gain. Your best option will be to uprate the suspension and enjoy better handling but I'm guessing that insurance on a first car when you declare a modification will be prohibitive.

    Most of us wasted a fortune on our first cars and wished we saved the money for the next one when we had some NCB discount under our belts (myself included!)
  8. viegar0

    viegar0 New member

    england lincolnshire
    5 dr corsa auto
    air filter and a back box lol job done

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