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can a 2.4 iVTEC be remapped

Discussion in 'Accord owners forums' started by Acc0rd, 16 April 2011.

  1. badger1980

    badger1980 Tuner

    uk stoke on trent
    Mitsubishi Galant
    There is a Eaton m62 supercharger on ebay for £200 buy it now :)
  2. splashofpaint

    splashofpaint Wrench Pro

    93 'lude
    i found the same throttle response in my prelude with 2.2 vtec 1000rpm to about 3500rpm was slugish and left me feeling like i could almost run i decided to see what i could do to make bottom end power . first thing more air flow (cold air intake) second manufactured a 1'' throtle plate allowing more air to sit in the intake itself so its not starving for air when opened up. third ported and polished the intake chambers to match the head and throttlebody for less restriction doing these 3 steps changed the responsiveness of the engine from slugish to wake up without breaking the bank little time and effort this my friend is my 2 cents yes you can spend hundreds on remaping but doing just a remap isn't going to solve the problem just create more
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  3. Stevearcade

    Stevearcade Wrench Pro

    Eastbourne, UK
    Honda Accord 2.4
    That's interesting splashofpaint. I was actually looking at cold air intakes and was wondering what the likely impact would be. I understand they're pretty easy to fit and don't cost the earth to begin with.

    I'm not sure, but I think the throttle plate on the i VTEC is a slightly funny design, meant to make the flow as smooth as possible. I don't think it's the typical butterfly type, although I could be wrong. But I think the throttle plate isn't necessarily a simple job on this engine.

    What about exhaust? Did you do anything there? If so, what was the impact on the lower rev range?

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