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Audi A8 (D3 4E) Headlights / Bulbs changing , removing Guide.

Discussion in 'A8/S8' started by Marc07, 29 August 2011.

  1. naman

    naman New member

    a8 3.0v6 tdi sport
    You are the man.
    Thanks pal.
  2. HootingOwl

    HootingOwl Newbie

    Sourh West
    A8 D3/4E 3.0 TDi qs
    Hello...and profuse thanks to all that have contributed to this thread.

    Thought I would bring it up to date and cover the replacement of HID Xenon lamps as fitted to the D3 A8 innthe last couple of years of production. Mine is an 09 quattro sport with a 3.0 Diesel. Right hand drive.

    Whilst you might be able to do the job without removing the wheels and the inner liners, if you have the HID bulbs you really do not want to risk damaging them in a confined space.

    Taking the wheel off is easy - raise the ride height first and get a trolley jack under the jacking point. An ice hockey rubber puck fits the jack cradle well and protects the bodywork. Support with axle stands and make it safe etc etc

    Liner is in two parts. Torx head fixiings and three plastic rivets (push central pin through rivet and pull it out ). Couple of large plastic lock screws at bottom of liner. One of the torx screws is shorter than the rest - this one secures the liner to the lip of the wheel arch.

    I took the airbox top off to give more room and I was changing the filter at the same time. There is a small torx screw retaining the cover plate on the back of the lamp. With the liner off, you gently pry down the two plastic tabs on top of the back cover plate. Be careful. Remember to loosen that torx screw else the plate will not release. Pull the cover away at the top and then lift it free from the lower pegs. There is a wiring harness plugged into the cover so don't wrench it off.

    You will now see the ignition ballast pack. Release the flimsy wire clip by swinging it away from the ballast. It is hinged on one side.

    Turn the ballast anti clockwise by about 20 degrees, following the arrows on the ballast. This action forces the electrical connector out of the ballast. The ballast comes out without the bulb. Remove the ballast and then you will see the bulb held in by a simple wire clip. Release clip and take the bulb out, noting the orientation.

    Before fitting the new bulb, try refitting the old one so that you understand how it all goes back together. Bulbs are forty quid and you don't want to goose the new one.

    The only gotcha on refitting is understanding the automatic lock ring that is incorporated into the ballast. When the electrical connector is pushed home, it turns an inner ring that locks the balast to the bulb. When you twist the ballast to take it off, it forces the electrical connector out of the socket.

    If you connect the plug to the ballast before refitting it to the headlamp then you are urinating into a stiff breeze. Make sure the inner keyway on the ballast alligns with the outer keyways and then refit the ballast. Then fit the electrical plug back into the ballast.

    Don't be afraid to take the wheel off and remove the liner. It is a simple job and makes the changing of the bulb possible whilst being able to see what you are doing.

    Allow lots of time and take it steady.

    I just need to work out how to get at the front turn signals now....
  3. obi_waynne

    obi_waynne Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Deal, Kent UK
    A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
    Thanks for updating this thread. It's been read so many times now im sure its helped 100s of people.

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