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The suck bang blow


Lets bang on about engines.

A turbo or supercharger forces air into the engine at a greater pressure and more air and more fuel = bigger bang = more power. Turbo chargers use the force of the expelled exhaust to drive a turbine and ram fresh air into the engine. Superchargers however are driven by the engines drivetrain. Superchargers give an increase at all revs the higher the revs the more induction charge there is and turbochargers have the same effect although lower down there is what is known as turbo lag – where the effect of the turbo cuts in at a higher rev range. Turbo chargers produce more power than supercharges but most modern engine would need an engine management computer upgrade to be able to handle the altered air flow – the fuel injectors would need to run at a higher pressure to get the fuel into the now pressurised combustion chamber.

The suck has a big effect on the bang or combustion part of the process. Primarily you need a strong spark so make sure you have a good set of spark plugs.

Faulty high tension leads – HT leads will not cause a weaker spark they will just prevent the spark from happening so if you are having a misfire or uneven idle make sure the HT leads are in good order – flexing and bending them is often enough to damage then so make sure that they are handled carefully. Timing the spark is critical too early and the engine could be damaged and too late and the compression will be lower potentially causing damage to the cat & exhaust if the exhaust ports are open before the explosion fully happens.

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