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Alfa Romeo

Considered to be innovators for a long time Alfa have come up with many new performance enhancing features that other marques do not have. Among the innovative ideas are aluminium engine blocks with steel liners and rear mounted gearboxes to create the perfect balance. The guys that build and design these cars know what makes a good drivers car. The twinspark and salespeed transmission are other notable innovations and pretty much the whole alfa romeo range is great if you want to do some Alfa Romeo Tuning offering more power,grip and excitement.

The last of the 'real' Alfas according to many was the 75 - a rear wheel drive car with rear mounted gearbox and lighweight aluminium Block and Head. The newer Mito has won quite a few fans though and it would appear that in the 2000's Alfa are back at the top of their game.

A supercharger kit can really transform the Alfa pushing power levels up by 30-50% but larger power gains will usually require some additional engine work.

One of our favourite Alfas of all time is the GTV - a coupe model with stunning engines and great handling and also the Spider an open top cabriolet model. The 2+2 are not practical for families but are handy cars for shopping as the back seats can be easily reached and used.

The styling of Alfas is very much a love it or hate it affair with its dedicated fans and critics alike but most Alfa owners will gladly go out and buy another one when the time comes to upgrade and move on.

On early models you need to look out for oil leaks and electrical faults and rust - although since Fiats aquisition of Alfa Romeo the corrosion issue has been substantially improved. The bodywork on most models is suseptible to knocks and scrapes and annoying car park dents but these usually push out quite easily.

Tuning:- Alfas are refined cars and little needs to be done to improve them. Most owners add a sports exhaust and on the larger engined models (2.5l plus) an induction kit or panel filter with some head work like porting and polishing and gas flowing helps with the breathing.

Unusually for a NASP engine the 3.0 Models also respond well to chips - a complete replacement ECU or a supplimentary piggy-back ecu. There are few specialists out there, but, the ones that exist all offer a very good service and know what they are doing having tuned Alfas for a number of years.

A number of suspension upgrades are available but we would strongly urge you to avoid the cheaper off the shelf 'fits most models' variety. Get adjustable suspension and a type specifically made for your model and engine type (the wide range of engines availble have a profound effect on the weight distribution and the suspension settings need to take this into account.) On the 3.0 models with switchable suspension settings I would recommend leaving well alone as the standard setup is fine and changing it gets very complicated - read a lot of money. 

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Your Alfa Romeo tuning tips below:

Tip Submitted by Richard Raynor Tip: is great place for bargain spares and even complete engines / gearboxes
Extreme auto acessories also have some great value performance & styling parts. Question: I've added a sports exhaust and Air filter what should I do next to boost the power without spending too much money?
Answer: Fit a fuel pressure boost valve - about £100 for more top end power and driveability with a faster throttle response or go for fast road profile cams £200 + Fitting .

Alfa romeo tuning,styling and chip links
Question: like to buy a fse power boost valve for alfa 156 2.0. but no idea where to fit. can u help, thx
It replaces the fuel pressure regulator on the injector rail in most cars - not sure about Alfas though!

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